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Municipal Water Systems

Building Efficient Municipal Water Systems

We have extensive experience working with municipalities and plant personnel to complete municipal water projects of any size.

We understand the importance of high-quality and reliable municipal water pipe systems. Our staff are prepared to work with your team of project managers and engineers to ensure your schedule and project requirements are met.

Jericho Reservoir – Supply Only

Maple Ridge, BC

Over the past 4 months we have been working with NAC Constructors Ltd. fabricating spools for the Jericho Reservoir project.…

Gladwin Siphon and Odour Control Facility Upgrades

Abbotsford, BC

Absolute has been awarded the Gladwin Siphon and Odour Control Facility Upgrades in Abbotsford with Drake Excavating Ltd. We will…

Sunnyside Water Pump Station Upgrades

Surrey, BC

Absolute has been awarded the Sunnyside Water Pump Station Upgrades project in Surrey, BC. The upgrades include the replacement of…

Albion Reservoir Expansion – 1st Chamber Completed

Maple Ridge, BC

Work is well underway at the Albion Reservoir Expansion project. The guys are pictured above installing the first chamber. Work…

Eldorado Reservoir and Glenmore Booster Station

Lake Country, BC

We have now completed the water upgrades in Lake Country, BC, which consists of three major components. The Eldorado Treated…

263 Street Water Pump Station Replacement

Maple Ridge, BC

There is already an existing pump station and a concrete water reservoir on the property with the new pump station…

Emerald Water UV Disinfection Upgrades

Whistler, BC

We are nearing completion of a brand new water disinfection facility in Whistler. Our scope of work on this one…

Eldorado Treated Water Reservoir

Lake Country, BC

Winter is here, but it hasn’t slowed us down! Production of this brand new facility in Lake Country, BC is…

108 Mile Water Treatment Plant

108 Mile, British Columbia

After a year-long adventure, work at the water treatment plant in 108 Mile is nearing completion. Commissioning is in its…

GEID Mckinley Treated Water Reservoir

Kelowna, BC

Final tie-ins are underway at the Mckinley Treated Water Reservoir in Kelowna, BC. It has been a pleasure to work…

Township of Langley – High Point Reservoir Booster Station Upgrades

Langley, BC

This project has now been commissioned and placed into service. It was a pleasure to work with the Township of…

Township of Langley – High Point Reservoir Booster Station Upgrades

Langley, BC

January 2017 marks the start of Township of Langley – High Point Reservoir Booster Station Upgrades. This project entails the…

Silver Ridge Pump Station

City of Maple Ridge, BC

Fabrication, supply, and installation of process piping, pumps, valves and appurtenances for the construction of a booster pump station serving…

Lions Bay UV Treatment Upgrade

Lions Bay, BC

Upgrade of water treatment system from chlorine gas to double barrier protection, including UV treatment. The main pressure reducing chambers…

Water Treatment Plant

Chase, BC

Fabrication, supply and installation of water treatment plant process systems, stainless steel pipework, pumps, air-actuated & manual valves, GE membrane…

Chestnut Pump Station Upgrades

Port Moody, BC

Fabrication, supply, installation and coordination of epoxy coated carbon steel, stainless steel pipework to replace pump discharge piping, the addition…

Anglemont Estates Water Upgrades

Shuswap Lake, BC

This project involved supplying new pumps and process piping to provide a new water system for the Anglemont Estates.

Swan Lake PRV Station

Vernon, BC

Fabrication and installation of process piping and valves.

Harper Pump Station

Coquitlam, BC

Installation of pumps and process piping for a new fresh water pump station.

Rainbow Park Pump Station

Whistler, BC

Installation of pumps, valves and stainless steel process piping for water treatment.

High Point, Pump Station

Township of Langley, BC

Fabrication, supply, and installation of epoxy coated carbon steel process piping, pumps, valves and appurtenances for water supply to the…

Ioco Road Rechlorination Station

Port Moody, BC

A stand-alone, secondary rechlorination facility was built for the City of Port Moody to provide additional chlorination. The Ioco Road…

Whalley Pump Station Upgrade

Surrey, BC

The station upgrades included; New variable frequency drives on most pumps, complete replacement of mechanical systems, and upgraded ventilation allowing…

Albion Pump Station Phases 1 & 2

Maple Ridge, BC

The project involved servicing of the initial development of 141 single-family residential lots and servicing options for the larger Albion…