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Pipe Fabrication

Advanced Pipe Fabrication Services

We provide professional pipe spool fabrication and installation services for a diverse range of customers, including municipalities, wastewater treatment plants, industrial facilities, and food processing plants.

All of of our pipe spools and piping assemblies are produced using cutting-edge technology and certified procedures to the highest quality standards. Absolute Industrial has the expertise for pipe fabrication.

Absolute is a registered class “A” Boiler and Pressure Vessels contractor with the BC Safety Authority. All Absolute welders are certified journeymen with up-to-date qualifications. Absolute has 7200 square feet in shop facilities and 3500 square feet of shop space dedicated to the fabrication of stainless steel pipe and miscellaneous metals to minimize carbon contamination.

Absolute has the capabilities to roll groove stainless steel and carbon pipe to 60” diameter to industry standards in both original and advanced groove systems.

We perform rigorous quality control practices before anything leaves our shop so that our customers are assured of a quality product:

  • All stainless steel welds are pickled and passivated
  • All pipe spools are checked for dimensional alignment and workmanship and documented for traceability

Services for pipe fabrication include the following:

  • Pipe fabrication for carbon steel up to 60″ to ASME IX and CSA B.31 standards
  • Blasting and coating to AWWA C210 and C213 to NSF61 standards
  • Roll grooving up to 60”/100-1525 mm carbon steel pipe and other alloys
  • Piping system and pipe spool design and drawing.
  • Flange facing and boring
  • Non-destructive testing and visual inspection by qualified and registered inspectors
  • Field fabrication and fitting of pipe spools.

Our fabricated piping can be made to specifications and implemented in several industries:

  • Chemical Processing Facilities
  • Water Treatment Plants
  • Effluent and Sewage Treatment
  • Power Plants
  • Fluid and Gas Handling Facilities
  • Mining Industry
  • Marine

Our expertise in pipe fabrication includes:

Carbon Steel Pipe Spools
Coating And Lining For Carbon Steel
Stainless Steel Pipe Spools
Field Fabrication and Fitting
Pipe Grooving