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Eldorado Reservoir and Glenmore Booster Station

Project Location:
Lake Country, BC

We have now completed the water upgrades in Lake Country, BC, which consists of three major components. The Eldorado Treated Water Reservoir includes a 6000m³ reservoir, valve room containing 30″ flanged AWWA butterfly valves, 30″ carbon steel, epoxy coated pipe fabricated and installed by us, as well as, inlet, outlet, overflow and drain piping. The Glenmore Booster Station is a new building containing sch10 304 stainless steel piping fabricated and installed by us, ranging in size from 2.5″ to 18″, two 100hp process water pumps, three custom PRV trains and a complete HVAC package. This station takes water from the existing Glenmore/Okanagan Reservoir, boosting pressure and sends it to three distribution systems throughout the District of Lake Country. The Eldorado Low Lift Station is responsible for treating water from the existing reservoir and PRV station. This is done via injection points from the chemical building before it is fed to the new treated water reservoir as well as the Okanagan Lake distribution system. This station contains three 100hp process water pumps, 30″ sch10 304 stainless steel piping fabricated and installed by us, as well as a complete HVAC package. This was one of our largest projects to date, but we can confidently say we successfully completed it with minor deficiencies and little setbacks. Wildstone Construction Group helped ensure this project progressed as flawlessly as could be and we look forward to having the opportunity to work with them again.

Municipal Water Systems