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Industrial Facilities

Industrial Work Completed On Time And On Budget

At Absolute Industrial we install process piping and high strength piping that can properly withstand temperature and pressure according to specifications to efficiently and safely transport fluid or gas across an industrial facility.

Our experience and dedication to quality ensure that standards are met to avoid catastrophic failures, threatening the safety of employees and resulting in expensive repairs that affect the workflow around the facility.

We are recognised as a trusted supplier of process piping fabrication and equipment installation for our industrial clients. Our customers with industrial facilities choose Absolute Industrial for service that is safe, efficient, hassle-free and stays within the set budget.

Burnco – Batch Chiller Project

Burnaby, BC

For this project, our client needed help to fix a chiller system that was short cycling. Our solution was to…

Justice Institute Training Facility

Maple Ridge, BC

Among its unique simulation training props is a three-story concrete burn building that is regularly set ablaze for firefighters to…

Parrish and Heimbecker

Abbotsford, BC

Design, fabrication and installation of steam generation connected to a series of heat exchangers within silos to reduce the viscosity…